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Leah Lewis

Wedding Stationer

My name is Leah Lewis and I’m founder and director at Imagine DIY.

From a tiny age, I’ve had a love affair with stationery. As a young girl, I’d spend all my pocket money on letter writing sets and pretty note pads. So to be working in the wedding stationery industry is something I’m truly passionate about.

I first entered the wedding industry in 2001, making handmade wedding stationery. At the time, Imagine Wedding Stationery was one of the first handmade wedding stationery companies in the UK. Within a few years of launching, we won the award for Best UK Wedding Stationery. Since then, many other similar companies have entered the market and it’s been a real pleasure to see the industry grow and change.

In 2001 I made the decision to sell Imagine Wedding Stationery and concentrate on Imagine DIY. My vision was to improve the UK wedding stationery market by sharing my knowledge and experience and offering beautiful products that I’d spent years sourcing and developing. But as well as supporting the wedding industry, I knew from the start that I wanted to work along with creative brides to help them make their vision a reality.

When I launched Imagine DIY along with my husband, it was the first company of it’s kind in the UK and it’s gone from strength to strength. I’ve loved being a part of it. And I’ve loved being able to help creative brides achieve their visions.

I hope that you can see some of my passion translated in the WEDucate Classes I’ve put together. And I hope my passion inspires you to create something beautiful.

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